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Client Portal
Customer Portal

Via the OFFI client portal you can quickly and easily upload the documents you want us to translate, as well as receive our price quotes, submit your order and receive your translations.

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Translation of Company Register Extracts
Company Register Extracts

In some language pairs, the translation of Company Register Extracts can be faster and cheaper.

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E-certified translation
E-certified translation

For electronic documents, translations can be ordered online without the need for personal appearance in our offices.


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The state translation service is 150 years old

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9001:2015 and 17100:2015 ISO qualification
9001:2015 and 17100:2015 ISO qualification

Our processes are carried out, regularly verified and developed in compliance with ISO standards so that we can offer you maximum performance on each occasion.

Client Portal

Via our client portal, you can obtain your translations quickly and easily without having to come to our offices.

Korszerű támogatási szoftverek
Modern computer-assisted tools

Due to our modern translation software, your translation orders are completed within a short time.

Magyar Brands
MagyarBrands Award

The MagyarBrands „Excellent Business Brand” Award won multiple times guarantees high quality for you.

NATO beszállításra alkalmas szervezet
Organization qualified for NATO Supplier title

Pursuant to the decision of the Minister for National Defence, OFFI has qualified as “Official NATO Supplier”.

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social sciences
European Union

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Dear Clients, for the sake of protecting both your and our colleagues’ health, please continue avoiding contact with other people if you feel symptoms of being sick, as recommended by Hungary’s Chief Medical Officer. If you have no symptoms and visit the customer service of the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd. (OFFI), we continue to request you to adhere to the health protection measures.


OFFI bejárat
With respect to the current public health situation, for the sake of protecting the health of You and our colleagues, please avoid contact with other people, if you perceive the symptoms of the disease, as recommended by Hungary’s Chief Medical Officer. We inform you that as many clients may stay in our office as the maximum number of the administrators.

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Feedback from satisfied customers

…I am pleased to recommend to you the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation.

In the course of our excellent collaboration with OFFI, we have worked together on several complex translation and translation certification projects. Their work has always been fast, accurate and professional. Their staff are highly flexible and very helpful, always focussing on solving our issues. We have often needed short deadlines, and even then, OFFI provided the highest quality of services that could be expected. Therefore, we are completely satisfied and pleased to recommend the company for every translation and translation certification assignment.

Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta

Settlers Kft. has been a client of OFFI Ltd’s for more than 20 years. We request their services on several occasions every week.

OFFI Ltd prepares the translations with utmost care and the highest degree of professionalism.

Their expertise, flexibility and availability are exemplary. The translations we order are always delivered on time. We have a highly positive opinion of the customer service assistants, who are always both professional and helpful. We particularly wish to emphasise how courteous and friendly they are while handling our orders.

We are completely satisfied with the services provided by OFFI Ltd, and therefore, highly recommend the company for any kind of translation assignment.


Settlers Relocation Kft.

Since 2011, our company has been continuously relying on the services provided by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation. During this time, we requested your help with the translation and certification of a great number of Hungarian and foreign language documents.

You provided high quality services and impeccable performance on each occasion. I would also like to emphasise that I really appreciate the commitment and professionalism of your customer service assistants, who are fast and accurate, and have a friendly attitude.

I would highly recommend OFFI to all those companies and individuals that need certified translation of any document in Hungary.

Hungary Assistance Kft.

I highly recommend

to everybody

the services provided by

the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation (OFFI).

Due to our international relations, we often need certified or general translations, and OFFI has always served us in a timely and accurate manner. The prices can be planned in advance, and thanks to the deadline-based differentiation, everybody can find the most suitable rates.

If we have a question or request, OFFI’s staff is always available and helpful. The possibility of submitting online orders considerably simplifies the process of having our documents translated.

We plan on continuing to work with OFFI in the future


We would like to thank you for your work in 2019, which, as it has always done over the last almost 30 years, provides continuous support in the administrative activities in our company.

We have repeatedly found that performing our daily, or even longer-term, tasks would be much more complicated without your colleagues’ professional attitude, which makes us truly grateful, and we say thank you particularly for handling the sometimes rather challenging languages and deadlines.

I think strong customer focus gives all your customers the impression of a modern, continually renewing company, which is very important in our changing world, where systemic demands must also be met. We are greatly pleased that we can always rely on your timely, effective and accurate services, which also significantly contribute to our own success.


ARC Kft.