Hiteles fordítás

Certified translations are typically required in public administration procedures.

In most such procedures, the authorities will require certified translations from the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd (OFFI). For more information on the differences between certified and non-certified translations, see our FAQ page

There are two types of certified translations:

  • Certified translations shall always mean the certification of paper-based documents, and you will also receive the translation in paper format.
  • E-certified translations are done of documents provided with an electronic signature, and you can only receive the translations in an electronic format (es3 or folder). So there is no paper copy as the translation is provided with an electronic signature.

Certified translation is the exact, paper-based version of the original document translated into the requested language, revised and printed on security paper provided with a unique identifier, where the original (or certified copy of the original) document and the translation thereof are attached together in an inseparable manner.

When you order certified translation, OFFI is entitled by law to make certified copies of foreign language documents; however this does not apply to the Hungarian documents submitted for translation. If you require a certified copy of a Hungarian document submitted for translation, OFFI can take the necessary measures with a notary public at your request.

In the case of e-certified (electronically certified) translation you will receive the document in a file containing the translated file provided with the electronic stamp of OFFI, and the original file submitted for translation. The inseparability of the documents is secured by a special process, where separating the original document from the translation is only possible with the simultaneous damage of the certification clauses. Electronic certification proves that the translation was done by OFFI and that the files’ content has not changed since the certification.

You can order this service in multiple ways:

  • upload the document to be translated via the OFFI website,
  • send it in via e-mail,
  • save the files onto a pendrive or CD, and come to our customer service offices

If e-certified translation is what you require, you don’t need to come to our customer service offices personally, because the administrative process can take place online (receiving the price quote, ordering, payment, receiving the translation).

Before ordering this service, please make sure that the institution where you plan to submit the translation accepts electronic documents.

It is important to know that unless otherwise stipulated by law, in Hungary, only the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd (OFFI) is entitled to make certified translations.

Certified translations by OFFI Ltd are accepted in several countries. However, you are advised to find out in advance what kind of translations are accepted by the competent foreign authority in official proceedings.