We are proud of the professional history of Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd, which is unique in Europe. The story of the national translation services started in 1869, thus we have been serving our customers for more than 150 years.

You may find our website created for the 150 th anniversary here.

Our story started in March 1869 with the establishment of the Central Translation Department. Following World War II, till 1994, OFFI operated as a national translation company. After that, our company was transformed into a fully state-owned company limited by shares, and this is how it still operates. The ownership rights of the company are exercised by the Ministry of Justice.

Our traditions, professional experience and trustworthiness guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Did you know that OFFI has always been considered the ultimate provider of linguistic mediation in Hungary? Among our former translators there are a number of prominent experts like Árpád Göncz, former head of state, writer and literary translator, Ottlik Géza, writer, Lajos Tardy, writer and historian, László Passuth, writer, Sándor Karcsay, dictionary editor and legal translator, as well as other professional translators still highly respected in their fields.

Nowadays, our colleagues carry out their tasks respecting the history of OFFI, while they also react rapidly, and flexibly to the challenges of our age when they accept our assignments of certified and non-certified translations, and interpreting.

Our approach is project-based in accordance with the latest MSZ EN ISO 17100:2015 standard.


We are proud of our Bureau Veritas Certification Hungary qualification obtained in 2002, our MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and MSZ EN ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services certifications which cover the following activities:

  • preparing certified translations
  • certifying translations
  • issuing certified copies
  • preparing and/or revising non-certified, commercial translations, interpreting


On the basis of the Facility Security Clearance (FSC) issued by the Hungarian National Security Authority (NSA), we are authorised to manage and store “Top Secret”, “NATO Secret” and “EU Secret” classified information. We are authorised to process electronically “Restricted” national, “NATO Restricted” and “EU Restricted” classified information.


Pursuant to the decision of the Minister of Defence, OFFI Ltd is a “NATO Supplier”, and therefore OFFI Ltd may also participate in NATO (EDA) tenders, where the applicants must have authorisation to manage information with the above listed classifications.

Besides our Budapest office, we have three national regional centres (in Szeged, Győr and Eger) and 25 branch offices. You may find the addresses of our offices here.

Our Customers may submit their documents to be translated to any of our offices. When requesting non-certified translations, our customers may submit their documents and orders and receive the translations online.

Our scope of activities includes


You may find more information about them under the names of the specific services.

As a continuously changing and renewing organisation, we are pleased to receive advice from our customers in order to improve our services. Please send your comments to info [at] offi [dot] hu (info[at]offi[dot]hu).