What is ethical translation?

As a 100% state-owned company with long traditions, we think it is especially important that our translators and interpreters do their work guided by the highest professional standards and ethical principles.


Not only do we profess ethics as an approach, but also teach it to all our workers. We do that by transferring legal and public administrative knowledge in an easy-to-understand way, which makes our staff involved in translations more and more aware of judicial ethics implications.

Did you know that all our professionals who perform high security-level linguistic mediation (translation and interpreting) undergo strict and voluntary national security clearance? This security clearance is repeated and renewed at the intervals required by law.

In order to strengthen our ethical principles and expand the legal knowledge of our co-workers we have established an in-house further training system named OFFI Academy. At the conferences organized in the context of OFFI Academy, the ethical principles of translation and interpreting are always accorded special emphasis.

Operating since 2015, the Qualifying Body for Translation and Interpreting assists the work of OFFI by providing guidance to the management regarding full-scale fulfilment of the technical criteria of “good translation”, “good translator” and “good interpreter”, having regard to scientific requirements.

The Languages Department of OFFI providing technical supervision for translators and interpreters has updated its Code of Ethics for Certified Language Services in 2016; the mission of the Code is that all our translators and interpreters work only in full compliance with the professional and ethical principles enumerated therein.

We are proud of the fact that our clients are fully satisfied with the work and integrity of our translators and interpreters. We have received many letters of thanks from clients acknowledging the major role of professional and ethical interpreters in the success of various events.

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