If your purpose of use does not require certified translation you can opt for our service called non-certified translation.


In this event, you can benefit from our services at lower prices compared to those of the certified translation. You can request this service when you need carefully formulated translation of, for example, simple correspondence, CVs, technical documents, or complex and sophisticated documents requiring specialized knowledge.

OFFI’s translators meeting rigorous quality assurance and professional standards, who also prepare certified translations, are happy to assist you also with non-certified translation.

  • We recommend our service of translation of companies register extracts, delivered in a short time frame and in certain language pairs for reduced prices. For more details, click here.

Our revision service can also be ordered when you place your order for translation, or as a separate service, for an already existing translation available for you. In the case of revision, a designated reviser will check and verify that the text created by the translator is adequate in professional, language usage and stylistic terms.

All our translations contain an OFFI clause certifying that the translation has been done by the largest translation office in Hungary looking back upon 150 years of history and the only agency entitled by law to prepare certified translations, which is a full guarantee for the finished product.

You have the option to request revised translation. While these translations bear the formal elements of “non-certified translations” but they are checked by a reviser.

To sum up, we offer three types of translation services:

  1. Certified translation, which
    1. is issued on special paper containing OFFI’s security features,
    2. bears OFFI’s numbered security label,
    3. bears OFFI’s clause,
    4. is attached to the source-language (original) document, and
    5. is verified by a reviser.
  2. Non-certified, unrevised translation, which:
    1. is issued on simple paper with OFFI’s footer,
    2. bears a simple OFFI label and
    3. bears OFFI’s “non-certified” clause.
  3. Non-certified revised translation, which:
    1. is issued on simple paper with OFFI’s footer,
    2. bears a simple OFFI label and
    3. bears OFFI “non-certified” clause, and
    4.  is verified by a reviser.

You can order our translation and revision services in several ways: