According to OFFI’s quality policy “...certified translations prepared by OFFI Ltd must be flawless in terms of both content i. e. professionality, and form; and there should be no error in the document prepared...” High quality translations can be prepared with the help of highly qualified translators, revisers and trainees, and through well organised workflows.

OFFI Akadémia

Since 2014, the satisfaction of the 500 translators registered in OFFI’s database has been a priority for us: we organize for them continuous foundation trainings and professional days, and offer terminological cooperation and security training. Since 2016, all this has also been supported by project development activities.

We also provide our colleagues with project management training in the context of OFFI Academy. Today OFFI is aiming at becoming a training centre. Thanks to our ongoing projects, our activities related to certified translation are characterized by increasing digitalization, and supported by databases of terminology and documents. Transitioning into a project based operation is the result of a process strongly focusing on modernisation.

Trainings Conferences