In the majority of official proceedings, only documents with certified translations are accepted. As a general rule, under the law, official translations in Hungary are made by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation    (OFFI Ltd)

For further information, see: Decree No. 24/1986 (26 June) of the Council of Ministers on Translation and Interpretation and Decree No. 7/1986 (26 June) of the Minister of Justice.

List of legislation prescribing certified translation and / or certified translation made by OFFI Ltd.

Certified translations into any official EU language of companies register extracts, data and company documents to be entered in the companies register may also be prepared by self-employed professionals or other translation offices.  These translators are not entitled to prepare certified translations of other types of documents, or to prepare attestations of translations, or to make certified copies of any document. They cannot make certified translations of all company register extracts, and they cannot make certified translations into languages which are not official languages of the EU.

E-certified translation (electronically certified translation)

We accept for E-certified translation only those electronically issued, e-certified files, which were found valid pursuant to Sections 12-16 of Government Decree No. 451/2016 (19 December) on the Detailed Rules of Electronic Procedures.

E-certified translation of expired files may only be prepared following their authentication either by their issuer or by a notary public. In the absence thereof and upon request we prepare non-certified translation of the electronic document, by which its content can be understood, but its usability is limited.