This year, for the 24th time, the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation, OFFI organised its traditional spring translation conference, entitled Document Translation and Legal Translation in the 21st Century, from a studio in the Tardy Lajos Conference Room of OFFI, streaming online.

For decades the conference's professional programme has been characterised by a combination of science and practice, providing both theoretical and practical content of interest to translators, revisers and language professionals. Click here to see the programme.

In their welcome speech, OFFI's leaders presented the language technology focus of OFFI's institutional development strategy between 2019-2022, and the results of the developments so far. Among the plenary presentations, József Villányi, Head of the Hungarian Translation Unit of the European Parliament's Directorate-General for Translation, Directorate for Translation, spoke about the future challenges of legal translation at the European Parliament. Gabriella Németh, OFFI CEO and Senior Lecturer at Budapest Metropolitan University, in her legal analysis, presented the linguistic, performance (private law) and attestation risks of translating documents of concern.

Ágnes Edit Farkas, representing the European Commission, Directorate-General for Translation, gave an interesting presentation on eTranslation, the European Commission's machine translation tool and its use, which was broadcast via remote login. The plenary session was followed by workshops with staff from OFFI and the Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics ELKH, the heads of which signed a cooperation agreement with OFFI this spring.


Zsófia Ludányi (ELKH Language Research Centre) gave a practical presentation on linguistic accuracy issues and legal translations, Judit Dihen, Senior Reviser and Szilvia Szoták, Head of Translation and Revision Department (OFFI) elaborated on the Company’s Translation Policy revised in 2021, and Levente Péter Nagy, Reviser (OFFI) spoke about the need for digital competences to broaden and develop good practices in translation.

The speakers also received questions on the Zoom platform. The success of the event and the relevance of the topics is reflected by the fact that more than 140 registered professionals joined this year's training event. The next occasion in the series of spring linguistics events is TransELTE2022 on 7-8 April 2022, which will focus on the new conceptual framework for the role of translators and interpreters in the digital age.


© Photo: OFFI Archives - 24th Conference on Translation Studies at the OFFI's Lajos Tardy Conference Hall (25 March 2022)

1st of April, 2022

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