The Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd. (OFFI) stands in solidarity with Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war, and therefore translates their identity documents, if necessary, within a short time and at a discounted, fixed price. 

“Ukrainian citizens arriving from Ukraine and persons who do not have Ukrainian citizenship but legally reside in Ukraine may submit their asylum applications in Hungary and will be recognised by the Hungarian authorities as eligible for temporary protection”, said the newly established National Security Operations Staff. 

From 2 March 2022 until revocation, OFFI will provide certified translations from Ukrainian into Hungarian for these persons with a shortened deadline and under simplified conditions, as follows: the uniform fee of translations is HUF 5,000 + VAT for the preparation of for the following documents: 

•    birth and marriage certificates
•    passports
•    personal ID cards
•    driving licences

OFFI will translate the documents within a maximum of three working days, and in cases of extreme urgency, within one working day. 


OFFI has more than twenty customer service offices in Hungary. Offices near the border are located in Záhony, Debrecen, Békéscsaba, Nyíregyháza, Szeged, and Miskolc.

In addition, you can contact us in all our other offices and at our customer service in Budapest.

For more information about certified translation services click here. OFFI is a reliable, fully state-owned company.

We provide judicial interpretation services throughout the country on demand and have the technical equipment for remote interpretation solutions. Find out more about our interpreting services here.

1st of March, 2022

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