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Dear Clients,

For the sake of protecting both your and our colleagues’ health, please continue avoiding contact with other people if you feel symptoms of being sick, as recommended by Hungary’s Chief Medical Officer. If you have no symptoms and visit the customer service of the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd. (OFFI), we continue to request you to adhere to the health protection measures.

We inform you that the number of Clients who may stay in our customer service offices is the same as the maximum number of the administrators. You are kindly requested to visit our office without an accompanying person if possible. Our offices in Budapest are equipped with a thermal camera about which you will receive full information before you enter.

For the sake of preserving the health of all of us, you are requested to cover your face with a scarf, shawl or mask while managing your translation orders in our offices.

According to Instructions 5/2020 , 6/2020, 9/2020 and 11/2020 of the CEO of OFFI supporting health protection and the essential conditions of a safe office operation, our offices are OPEN on working days, but their opening hours may change. The heads of the regional customer service offices (Szeged, Győr and Miskolc) are entitled, at their own discretion, to alter the opening hours in order to provide continuous public service.

Please visit our website regularly to get the latest information on opening hours.

Observing Hungary’s Chief Medical Officer’s recommendations, the venues of our customer service are disinfected several times a day in addition to complying with the usual hygienic regulations. Our administrators wear masks and gloves, and work behind screens. Besides visiting us personally, you can also contact us

  • via email;
  • on our website;
  • by phone.

Occasionally, there might be situations where the administration or delivery deadlines need to be extended as a consequence of an unforeseeable reduction in capacity due to the sudden illness of a colleague or cooperating partner, or the newly introduced rules of administration. We do our best to minimize the business risks of our Clients, for which we ask also for your kind assistance. No substantial change is expected for Clients with whom we have had online connection and for whom we have performed translation tasks so far. However, we recommend that you continuously check our website and the latest updates.

Thank you for your kind patience and understanding.

29th of May, 2020

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Excellent Hungarian Business Brand: Successful Spring Results at the State Translation Agency

After the first quarter of 2023, the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd. (OFFI) met the expectations of the business plan approved by the Ministry of Justice, its owner, with a country-wide result of almost 104%, based on the monthly turnover for the first four months.The period between January and April is close to 33% as a percentage of the full-year revenue plan.


The Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd. (OFFI) stands in solidarity with Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war, and therefore translates their identity documents, if necessary, within a short time and at a discounted, fixed price.