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Faculty of Humanities of Eötvös Loránd University


On 22-24 March 2023 the Department of Translation and Interpreting of ELTE and the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd. (OFFI) will host the Translation Studies Conference which is now a quarter-century-old tradition. In addition to the 154th anniversary of the state translation service this year, we are also celebrating the 50th anniversary of founding the Department of Translation and Interpreting at ELTE and the 20th anniversary of the Doctorate Programme in Translation Studies.
It is gratifying that this partnership has been going on for 25 years and that every year this joint professional forum offers new opportunities for interpreters and translation professionals to engage in professional discussions and listen to high level Hungarian and international presentations.
When compiling the programme of the now three-day conference, the organisers always strive to offer the audience something professional news. In addition to plenary lectures and round-table discussions, the conference will also host a Translating Europe Workshop. On the OFFI's professional day, a representative of the Ministry of Justice and the OFFI's CEO will give a toast. On the second day, three sessions will focus on three themes: language mediation in the public sector, complementary competences in the light of translation technology and professional competences in criminal justice interpretation. The OFFI staff - Dr Gabriella NÉMETH, Chief Executive Officer, Dr Szilvia SZOTÁK, Head of the Translation and Revision Department, Dr Dóra Mária TAMÁS, Senior Terminologist, Dr Ágnes MAGAS, Terminologist, Levente NAGY, Éva MAJNÁR and Magdolna PABLÉNYI, Revisers - will enrich the programme with their valuable presentations.
Lecturers include both foreign and Hungarian presenters: in addition to OFFI presenters, there will be presentations by a professor from the Catholic University of Leuven and terminologists from Germany. It is important to present innovative solutions for language mediation at OFFI, so the professional programme of the conference will offer interesting, yet useful and current topics, both from theoretical and practical aspect.
The conference will be held in the ELTE building. The presentations will be held in Hungarian and English, with simultaneous interpretation provided by students of the Department, according to tradition.
All interested are welcome!
Participation in the conference is free of charge, but registration is required.